Ethical guidelines

As a consulting firm Styrmand AS is naturally exposed to potential conflicts of interest as staff and advisors in other occupations with large industry networks.

We often represent our customers in trusted positions and we are totally reliant on trust within the marketplace and government bodies to be able to perform our work.

At Styrmand there is consequently a strong awareness and openness about these potential challenges. Styrmand is to be recognised with a good reputation in the marketplace, measured by competency, experience, behaviour, delivery and results.

Our ethical guidelines are included in our staff policies and procedures and all individuals that represent Styrmand will understand and be governed by them. The ethical guidelines are designed to contribute to protecting the reputation of out customers, partners, staff and the Styrmand company itself as well as ensuring there are established procedures to deal with ethical challenges.

Ethics Poster

Styrmands Ethics Poster summarises the guidelines:

Basic Attitude

Representatives of Styrmand should have a high awareness of ethical issues and standards. We will follow rules and regulations, and perform our duties in line with good business practice. When representing a client, Styrmands ethical guidelines acts as a supplement to the clients' own culture and attitude.

Impartiality and Integrity

Our behaviour will be beyond question with regards to honesty, reliability, independence or credibility. We will be especially attentive with regards to gifts, meals and drinks, invitation to events or other transfers of benefits. The main rule is that we will not give nor receive gifts, and that participation in events and meals/drinks will be in line with our ethical guidelines and the rules and regulations for the industry. With regards to conflicts of interest of any kind: we will keep an open dialogue and make sure that this will be communicated clearly to all parties concerned.

Information and Communication

We will be characterised by open, honest, correct and reliable communication. This is including a responsibility to also inform and communicate unpopular messages like errors, deficiencies and limitations. We have a duty of non-disclosure in relation to business matters in Styrmand and client matters. We will respect others, respect differences and diversity and be inclusive in our communication.

Judgement and Control Questions

Society's understanding of good ethical behaviour and attitudes does normally change over time. It is often difficult to determine what is the correct behaviour in every situation. If we end up in a situation where it is difficult to judge what is ethically sound we will always seek guidance from both the client and internally within Styrmand. The following questions can give a good indication in relation to the queries regarding ethics:

  • Does it feel right and honest?
  • How does it look in the light of day – how will colleagues, the client or the media comment on the situation?
  • Could it contribute to a reduction in your integrity or the clients and Styrmands reputation?
  • Are you or others achieving a benefit due to your/their position?
  • Does it create connections or relations that may constrain the freedom to act for the client or Styrmand?
  • Is it necessary?

The ethical guidelines will be made available in its entirety to interested customers and partners upon request.