Lets customers and pleasure in competency run the boat

What would your dream job look like? This was the key question when Styrmand was founded, and the result has been a "Styrmand model” that offers maximum flexibility in terms of working hours, vacation and family, combined with a very broad framework for professional development. - I have not, even once, reported vacation days, says consultant Lars Gaute Fredheim.

Chose specialization in Styrmand

The opportunity for development and to combine work and private life was the most important for me when choosing to change employer, says Hilde Blixøen, who together with Merete Solli, is acceding as new consultants in Styrmand. Both are good examples of a growing group of knowledge-employees, people with professional expertise that prioritize development opportunities and interesting customers.

New web - and new packaging of Styrmand′s portfolio of management and advisory services

Styrmand has established itself as a player to be reckoned with within project management. We have done this through years of results and solid references. Loyal customers is a good testimony. But we can do more.

Styrmand is looking for additional consultants

Are you a consultant or curious about the big challenges that the consulting business offers? It is all about delivery and customer focus.

Styrmand continue to focus on RIS - Real-time Information Systems

With Magne Bentzen Styrmand has focus on projects related to Real-time Information Systems (RIS) for public transport.

Styrmand focuses even more on AMS - Advanced measurement and management systems

Styrmand has through long-term assignments in the industry consultants in the company who has had the opportunity to gain valuable experience with large-scale development and operation.

Styrmand behind the IT-helm during Nordic Ski Championships 2011 in Holmenkollen

The Nordic Ski Championships 2011 in Holmenkollen became a festival and an unparalleled success.