Strong annual results for Styrmand in 2017

For the financial year 2017, Styrmand's gross revenues were 78 MNOK. The company achieved pre-tax results of 4.3 MNOK. The company has strong solidity and liquidity. Dun & Bradstreet rates Styrmand AS with a AAA, which is the highest D&B rating score.

As at medio 2018 Styrmand AS had 35 permanently employed consultants as well as a number of subcontractors. We strive for an open and professional culture – where personal development, motivating company social events and social benefits including the family is highly prioritised – are important values for the company. In addition to this we emphasise quality, capacity and speed of delivery in the consultant assignments. The bar is set high for employment at Styrmand AS or for co-operation with subcontractors on assignments where Styrmand AS is involved.

For further information about Styrmand’s finances, please contact CFO Arnfinn Johansen.