ICT Management

Styrmand can cover roles as interim manager or change manager in your organization. We have experience in human resources management and financial management, and change and manage transformation processes. We are also experienced buyers of IT, and can control sourcing projects, transitions and not least direct reception of the project to your organization.

Svein Magne Karlsen
Ole Gunnar Aastad
Åsmund Dybvik
Ståle Jensen

Mentions a specialty: We have extensive experience and expertise in service and operational processes. In the design of service and operational processes, we contribute from developing and establishing a new management model for ICT, to adapt and develop tasks or organization. The purpose is to ensure robust, stable, cost-effective and customer-oriented services based on good practices for ICT governance where this is not already established - most often based on the ITIL framework.

Operationalization involves the creation and implementation of good practice through priority deliveries based on selected sourcing model and governance.