Project Management

Project management is our home turf - we can lead projects within development and delivery and master multiple domains and market segments in the project manager role. We like the big challenges. Our project managers are certified, have both academic expertise and practical ability to deliver. We use Prince2 as the project management method when the client does not have a preferred methodology.

Øyvind Nyquist
Lars Gaute Fredheim
Øystein Råheim
Svein Magne Karlsen

Mentions a specialty: We have facilitated many implementation projects and have consultants with long "proven record" in clear leadership and management of efficient implementation processes, with timing and accuracy for the implementation of technical solutions at the agreed time, with organizational changes in projects requiring high pace and parallelism

Our project managers have much more on the menu than project management alone. We tend to follow projects from initial strategy and preliminary design, through acquisition to implementation, over to the handover to operations, as well as in leadership and management of the actual operations. To live up to such expectations we must know what is required of governing documents, procurement processes, leadership and management both in the development, implementation and operations - and we place great emphasis on understanding the customer business process and goals. The customer’s goals are our goals. We place great emphasis on knowledge of the customer's business and the project deliverables.

We are also very familiar with program management and portfolio management in large setups with financial management and complex responsibilities models.